We are seeking highly motivated PhD students, junior researchers, visiting researchers/students, and collaborators to join us.

Team Members
  • Zehua Zhang, PhD student (Spatial analysis, sustainable industry, sustainable infrastructure)
  • Shariful Alam Malik, PhD student (Urban and regional planning, road transport)
  • Wei Ma, PhD student (Augmented reality (AR), building information modelling (BIM), construction industry)
  • Yuan Yao, PhD student (Traffic prediction, deep learning)
  • Rui Jiang, PhD student (Sustainable infrastructure, life cycle analysis, carbon emission, transport)
  • Peng Luo, PhD student, Technical University of Munich, Germany (Spatial analysis, sustainable infrastructure)
  • Xiaochi Liu, PhD student, Macquarie University, Australia (Spatial analysis, machine learning, urban environment)
  • Kai Ren, Visiting PhD student, Northwest A&F University, China (Climate, vegetation, spatial analysis)
  • Xiang Wang, Visiting PhD student, Chengdu University of Technology, China (Climate, hydrology)
  • Henry Logan, Research Assistant (GIS)
  • Yuchen Liu, Research Assistant (GIS, transport)
  • Nickson Omweno Ondari, Master student (Remote sensing, vegetation)
  • Leidy Katherine Luna Cabeza, Master student (Remote sensing, geomorphology)
  • Madelyn Cook, Honour student (environmental risk management, megaproject)
  • Duke Bikeri, Honour student (construction management, carbon emissions)
  • Juntian Lao, Honour student (construction management, geospatial decision making)
  • Khaled Abu Siada, Honour student (Sustainability, industry, net-zero energy)

Future Students

Welcome to join us as a PhD/HDR or master/postgraduate student https://study.curtin.edu.au/.

Visiting Researchers or Students

Welcome visiting researchers, visiting students, and collaborators to join us.

  • Please send your CV and research proposal to yongze.song@curtin.edu.au if you are preparing to visit or collaborate with our research team.