We are seeking highly motivated PhD students, junior researchers, visiting researchers/students, and collaborators to join us.

Team Members
  1. Zehua Zhang, PhD student (Spatial analysis, sustainable industry, sustainable infrastructure)
  2. Shariful Alam Malik, PhD student (Urban and regional planning, road transport)
  3. Wei Ma, PhD student (Augmented reality (AR), building information modelling (BIM), construction industry)
  4. Omri Ram, Master student, University of Western Australia, Australia (Computer science, artificial intelligence)
  5. Peng Luo, PhD student, Technical University of Munich, Germany (Spatial analysis, sustainable infrastructure)
  6. Xiaochi Liu, PhD student, Macquarie University, Australia (Spatial analysis, machine learning, urban environment)
  7. Nickson Omweno Ondari, Master student (Remote sensing, vegetation)
  8. Leidy Katherine Luna Cabeza, Master student (Remote sensing, geomorphology)
  9. Tara Markovic, Honour student (Construction management, artificial intelligence)
  10. Eason Zhuang, Honour student (Construction management, infrastructure)
  11. Yuan Yao, PhD student (Traffic prediction, deep learning)
  12. Rui Jiang, PhD student (Sustainable infrastructure, life cycle analysis, carbon emission, transport)
  13. Kai Ren, Visiting PhD student, Northwest A&F University, China (Climate, vegetation, spatial analysis)
  14. Xiang Wang, Visiting PhD student, Chengdu University of Technology, China (Climate, hydrology)
  15. Henry Logan, Research Assistant (GIS)
  16. Yuchen Liu, Research Assistant (GIS, transport)
  17. Madelyn Cook, Honour student (environmental risk management, megaproject)
  18. Duke Bikeri, Honour student (construction management, carbon emissions)
  19. Juntian Lao, Honour student (construction management, geospatial decision making)
  20. Khaled Abu Siada, Honour student (Sustainability, industry, net-zero energy)

Future Students

Scholarships for international students:

Visiting Researchers or Students

Welcome visiting researchers, visiting students, and collaborators to join us.