Spatial Analysis Group Seminars

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15 September 2022

Dr. Hao Li, Technical University of Munich, Germany, “Deep learning from Volunteered Geographical Information: a case study of humanitarian mapping with OpenStreetMap”

15 August 2022

Dr. Chi Chen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley, United States, “Understanding terrestrial vegetation dynamics towards a sustainable world”

15 July 2022

Assistant Professor Dr. Bin Chen, The University of Hong Kong, “Leveraging geospatial data and interdisciplinary approaches in urban environmental studies”

15 March 2022

Chunpeng Chen, University of Lancaster, UK, “Mapping global tidal wetlands with time-series Landsat data”

15 Feburary 2022

Dr. Mingxi Zhang, Curtin University, “Projection of soil organic carbon in response to climate change”

15 Janurary 2022

Zehua Zhang, Curtin University, “Robust geographical detector”

15 July 2021

Dr. Ce Zhang, University of Lancaster, UK, “Deep Learning for Land Cover and Land Use Mapping”

25 June 2021

Dr. Siqin Wang, University of Queensland, “When Social Science Meets Spatial Science: Complaining Behaviours within Urban Space”