GeoAI for Mapping

In May 2021, Drs Yongze Song (Curtin University, Australia), Margaret Kalacska (McGill University, Canada), Mateo Gašparović (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Jing Yao (University of Glasgow, UK), Nasser Najibi (Cornell University, USA) organised a Special Issue “Recent Advances in Geocomputation and GeoAI for Mapping” in the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.

The Special Issue published 30 high-quality articles from more than ten countries, including Germany, Canada, USA, China, Brazil, South Korea, Demark, Singapore, Israel, Netherlands, and Turkey.

In the publications, GeoAI was implemented in various fields, such as predicting building-level population across cities, identifying roof structures, extracting road marking with UAV, monitoring coastline changes, mapping floods, extracting building footprint, inferring tweet locations, identifying different types of buildings, mapping village-level poverty, etc.