Call for Hosting The City+ 2024 Conference

City+ invites all the interested persons/organizations to contact us for hosting the City+2024 conference by submitting a proposal. It’s also welcome to have an early discussion of the conference in 2025. City+ is a voluntary and non-profit research network aiming to serve as a platform to connect early career researchers and PhD students working on all urban-related fields, like urban studies, geography, urban planning, transport, environment and energy sciences, urban economics, urban policy, architecture, and smart cities. We have successfully organized five annual international conferences on a wide spectrum of urban issues. The first event, City+ 2017 @ Cambridge, was launched at the University of Cambridge, followed by City+ 2018 @ London at University College London, City+ 2019 @ Delft at Delft University of Technology, City+ 2021 @ Milan at Polytechnic University of Milan, and City+ 2022 @Canberra at the Australian National University. To date, our conferences have attracted more than 360 delegates coming from many universities/organizations and from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. This year, the City+ 2023 @ Perth will be held at Curtin University, Australia.

The submitted proposal (~200 words will be fine) should include:

1) a brief description of the host organization/team;
2) potential conference themes;
3) contact information;
4) and/or other potential issues/benefits the applicants would like to mention.


We give a preference to the applicants meeting the following conditions:1) have a strong interest and sufficient time to organize the event;2) now a faculty member, a postdoc, or a PhD student from a prestigious university in Northeast/Southeast Asia, Europe, and North/South America;3) and have an academic background in urban-related fields.

Submission information

The applicants can submit the proposal to Dr. Yongping Zhang (Zhejiang University). E-mail:
Deadline for proposal submission: December 31, 2023
Notification of final selection: February 15, 2024
Applications will be given priority in the future conference selection. There is no deadline for submitting a proposal to host the City+ 2025 conference. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any other questions.

City+ Info

Social platforms:
Facebook: City+Conference (
Twitter: City+ (@CityPlusNetwork)             
Linkedin: City+International conference
Wechat Official Account: CityPlus2016

Previous City+ conferences

City+2017 @ Cambridge, University of Cambridge (The UK)

City+ 2018 @ London, University College London (The UK)

City+2019 @ Delft, Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

City+2021 @ Milan, Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy)

City+ 2022 @ Canberra, Australian National University (Australia)

City+ 2023 @ Perth, Curtin University (Australia)